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I provide education, support and guidance to help you find relief using cannabis medicine as part of your wellness routine.


Do you struggle with pain, mild anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, nausea, digestive issues, or certain other conditions? Is your medicine cabinet full of pills that have not been helpful? If so, medical cannabis could be the solution. 

Cannabis is different than other medications and is often described as individualized medicine because each person responds differently to each product. In addition to THC and CBD, cannabis contains hundreds of other compounds, each with different medical effects. The challenge is finding the right strain, determining the correct dosage, and figuring out the most effective delivery method. It is a slow methodical process that takes patience and persistence.

I can work with you to identify your unique challenges and cut through the confusing information about medical cannabis. I will teach you to tune into your body, self-monitor effects, and coach you in using cannabis as a complimentary or alternative therapy to get well, feel well, and be well.

About Faye
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A Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist currently transitioning to medical cannabis consulting. I have more than 25 years of consulting and private practice healthcare experience, including health communications, education, speaking and writing

I have a master’s from The University of Maryland – Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics program, 2022.


Someone who lives with and manages a chronic illness (IBS), I use medical cannabis to help with nausea, abdominal pain, anxiety, and appetite issues.

I bring my multidisciplinary approach and network of allied health professionals, including cannabis nurses, doctors and scientists, to stay current and provide my patients with thoughtful recommendations.

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Whether you have never touched cannabis or have tried it and have some questions, I can guide you to find the most effective products, delivery methods, and dosages to help manage your symptoms.


I can help you decipher the regulations in your state, walk you through the process of certification, if needed, and refer you to a qualified certifying professional. Walking into a dispensary can be overwhelming and I can help by reviewing the menu with you and explaining the various products before your first visit. 


Intuitive by nature, I can work with you to bridge the gap between traditional and complementary therapies, provide you with education to make informed choices, and set you on your path to healing using medical cannabis.

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Cannabis Health Coaching

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Cannabis Consulting Services

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Connecting with Medical Professonals

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I create individual and customized programs using cannabis as a complimentary or alternative therapy to help manage pain and other chronic medical issues. I factor in your medical history, and I can guide you to find the most effective products, delivery methods, and dosages to help manage your symptoms.

Public Speaking

Training Programs


Educational Seminars

Business Consulting

Podcast Guest  

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 I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with allied health professionals, discuss your patients’ needs, and determine if cannabis is an appropriate treatment option. My goal is to help your patients find relief with medical cannabis as a complimentary therapy using a multidisciplinary approach


Faye walked me through every step of the process. She helped me figure out how to register for my medical card and referred me to a certifying doctor. Once I received certification, she worked with me to determine my treatment goals. She reviewed the dispensary menu with me and made a thoughtful recommendation. We worked together to determine the best dose, and it did take several tries. I have finally found relief with medical cannabis. 

Karen H.

I went to the local dispensary and the person who helped me really didn’t get my concern and recommended something that was too strong for me. I called Faye, we had a quick consultation, and she thought the THC level was too high and ultimately she recommended the right product. I am finally getting a good night's sleep!


Sandy S.

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Faye Berger Mitchell MS, RDN, LDN, FAND
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